Student Information System

Serve the On Demand Generation

Today’s students not only represent a shift in demographics, but a shift in attitudes about education.

They seek greater flexibility in fulfilling their goals and expect institutions to provide education on demand, as a service. They need programs and delivery models that fit their busy lives, rather than being asked to conform to a traditional academic calendar.

CampusNexus Student enables you to proactively engage students in a manner designed for their success and yours.

With this next-generation student information system, you can manage traditional academics as well as flexible terms, competency-based education options, and online programs from the same platform. You can automate financial aid and gain a 360° view of every interaction with each student, to boost enrollment and increase retention and student outcomes.

Named industry’s top-ranked student information system provider for second consecutive year.

Tambellini Group Report

The Tambellini Group’s “2016: Student Information Systems: U.S. Higher Education Market Share, Trends and Leaders Report” recognized Campus Management as the software company most often selected by institutions for the second year in a row. According to Vicki Tambellini, President and CEO of The Tambellini Group, “The CampusNexus software suite was chosen more often than any other vendor’s offering for Student Information Systems (SIS) contracts in the U.S., accounting for 39 percent of all 2015 selections.” More

Product Sheet
  • Adapt and Grow As Needs Evolve
    Adapt and Grow

    Whether your institution serves 100 students or over 100,000 students, CampusNexus Student provides the scalable and flexible foundation for future growth and success.

  • CampusNexus Student Features
    Product Details

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  • CampusNexus Cloud

    A secure, world-class enterprise data center as your platform.

    Now you can access the entire CampusNexus® portfolio of on-demand technology – in the cloud. With CampusNexus Cloud, Campus Management hosts and manages your solutions from a world-class, enterprise data center, ensuring maximum availability, security, and scalability.


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