Student Information System

Today’s students not only represent a shift in demographics, but a shift in attitudes about education. They seek greater flexibility in fulfilling their goals and expect institutions to provide education on demand, as a service. CampusNexus® Student enables you to proactively engage students in a manner designed for their success and yours.

Maximize Student Engagement

Drive Success Student Lifecycle

CampusNexus Student enables flexible term structures supported by automated financial aid and billing adjustments, helping your administrators and stay focused on your students. With CRM included in the system, you gain a 360 degree view of every department’s interactions with each student, helping you boost enrollment, retention, and placement results.

CampusNexus Student is a dynamic solution that grows and transforms with your institution, letting you create new strategies and models as student needs evolve.

Optimize Your Key Functions

Strategic Enrollment Management

Leverage the advanced features you need to engage with students in a meaningful and personalized way and exceed service expectations throughout recruitment and enrollment processes.

Academic Management

Transform your curriculum planning and course scheduling and meet students’ needs on campus, online, and through blended programs with an open and flexible student information system.

Academic Records

Assist enrollment processing through timely course scheduling, manage waitlists, automatically apply tuition and fees, document each student’s academic history, and protect academic standards.

Curriculum Management

Plan curriculum, define grade schema, determine faculty needs, equipment, and book requirements, and offer programs in standard, nonstandard, and nonterm formats, all in one environment.

Student Progress

Monitor Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Enable degree progress audits, including ‘what if’ scenarios, and student pacing in multiple types of programs.

Graduation Processing

Verify program completion requirements. Apply financial standing rules. Confer degrees and bestow credentials upon eligible students.

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Student Engagement and Outcomes

Positive outcomes and retention often correlate directly to the student’s level of engagement within your institution, and this actually begins during recruitment. By leveraging a variety of data about your students – their education histories, activities, services they utilize, attendance patterns, and grades – your engagement and retention teams can focus on proactively involving students in their own success. CampusNexus® Student enables:

• Early Alerts – utilize dynamic and adaptable criteria to identify at-risk students early in their academic careers

• Student Services – provide individual support plans and academic services based upon each student’s needs

• Retention – connect students to key resources through automated workflows, and monitor the efficacy of intervention strategies through student progress

• Career Services – prepare students to excel in their field of choice by managing internship and externship opportunities, helping them build career skills, and matching them with employers

• Regulatory & Compliance Reporting – measure the cost effectiveness of each course and program and supply accrediting bodies with critical and necessary institutional effectiveness data

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Nudge! Discovering Individual Attitudes and Motivators with Machine Learning

Learn how to detect student attitudes and behavior, and give each individual a needed “nudge” at the right time – through machine learning.


Boost Student Engagement


Adapt and Grow As Needs Evolve


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