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Student Management Software

Whether your institution serves 100 students or over 100,000 students, CampusNexus® Student provides the scalable and flexible foundation for future growth and success.

Adapt and Grow as Needs Evolve

Drive Student Retention

This student management solution includes an event-driven architecture and workflow designer that lets you optimize configuration and execution of business processes, automate course registrations, customizing waitlisting rules, manage populations through student groups, and automate student notifications for changes in courses, enrollments, and billing.

You also gain access to an expanded web services catalog of proven APIs for extending the platform quickly and cost-effectively with your preferred learning management systems, bookstore and merchant services, and other third-party applications.

Flexible and Extensible

CampusNexus Student enables you to respond to current and future generations of students, and empowers you to:

Increase your reach and target particular student profi les, without compromising your admissions standards

Provide personalized, relevant, and timely communications to improve the student experience and increase student engagement

Create criteria, rankings, forms, and events to track participation and engagement rates, plus at-risk scorecards

Utilize critical data, department-specific workflows, and customized alerts to drive persistence and retention

Reduce administrative costs by eliminating manual processes among departments and schools and enabling mobile access and self-service for students and faculty

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