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Drive Student Retention and Success with CampusNexus Succeed

There is more competition for fewer applicants, which impacts both enrollment and retention rates. CampusNexus Succeed provides a comprehensive view of each student’s experience and performance that is critical for your retention strategy.

Keep Students on Track with an Enterprise-Wide Engagement Platform

With CampusNexus® Succeed, you gain an institution-wide engagement platform with specialized functionality for student retention and outcomes. Harnessing predictive analytics powered by Power BI, the solution enables you to create personalized action plans for students with continuously updated data to further refine predictions, scoring, and prescriptive actions.

Improve Retention and Student Outcomes

Focus on leading indicators and predictive workflows that begin in admissions and carry through a student’s journey. Calculate risk and retention scores.

Gain a Holistic Picture of Each Student

Eliminate data silos and put the collective institutional knowledge in one place to gain a complete picture of the student experience. Go beyond tracking interactions to personalize their academic journey.

Ensure Productive Engagement

Provide staff and faculty with an organized to-do list for efficient use of time with students. Provide students success plans supported by their success network.

CampusNexus Succeed is a value-added option with CampusNexus Engage, Campus Management’s system of intelligence built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, and Power BI.

Gain a Holistic View of Each Student

Academic progress. Financial aid. Housing. CampusNexus Succeed captures each student’s engagement history across departments and systems to form a complete picture of their experiences and needs. Go beyond tracking interactions to gain insight into each student’s attitudes and mindset and to truly personalize their academic journey.

Transform Recruitment and Admissions

Guide prospects and applicants on a journey tailored to their success from their first inquiry through matriculation.

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Go Beyond CRM for Higher Education

Provide the insight and engagement tools your institution needs to drive student success.

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CampusNexus Succeed Solution Sheet

Create personalized action plans for students with continuously updated data to further refine predictions, scoring, and improve recruitment and retention.


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