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Drive Student Retention and Success with CRM

There is more competition for fewer applicants, which impacts both enrollment and retention rates. A comprehensive view of each student’s experience and performance is critical to your retention strategy.

CampusNexus CRM integrates data from multiple systems and departments, providing a powerful retention tool and early-warning system for identifying and assisting at-risk students. What’s more, you can actively campaign to students who are succeeding and demonstrating positive behaviors to reinforce, recognize, and reward them accordingly.

Retention is a key component to driving student success and achieving favorable outcomes.

Unlike out-of-the-box retention solutions, which are limited to grades and attendance data from the student information system, this student retention solution can incorporate financial aid metrics, extracurricular activities, housing, social and campus life issues, plus your choice of other factors, to establish a broader view of the student experience.

1 in 9 students are likely to transfer to a different institution after one year. Keep them on the path to success with CampusNexus CRM.

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A CRM Solution Designed for Higher Education

With a history of success at today’s institutions, this proven solution provides greater visibility into your students’ experiences and needs, enables highly personalized communications and services, and drives success across the student lifecycle.

Boost Student Engagement

By utilizing data specific to your students – including education history, attendance patterns, services requested and grades earned – your engagement and retention teams can focus on proactively involving students in their own success.

CampusNexus Student Features

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Extend CRM Across the Enterprise

To achieve goals, you need a CRM for higher education solution that can help drive recruitment processes and also extend beyond admissions to engage constituents across departments and systems and at every touchpoint in the student lifecycle.


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