Student Verification and Professional Judgments

The financial aid verification process is often a difficult and emotional experience for students. Automate and simplify the process for students and staff with this cloud-based solution.

Simplify Verification Process and Professional Judgments

With this student verification tool, you can reduce processing time, improve communications with students, eliminate compliance worries, and quickly locate and view documents. Campus Management’s verification solution also includes a dynamic tool for processing professional judgments when a student’s special circumstances or changes in income profile are not evident on the FAFSA.

Why Financial Aid Verification Automation?

  • Decrease paper-intensive processes with document creation, management, and storage
  • Reduce time and stress with automated workflows
  • Keep students on track with automatic notifications and real-time status bar updates
  • Keep staff on track with workflow management dashboards and reports
  • Eliminate compliance issues with automatic regulatory updates and federal regulatory rules-based engine

Improve Professional Judgments Processing

  • Provide students an easy and convenient online submission process
  • Integrate Professional Judgment processes into your workflows
  • Enable electronic document submissions and signatures
  • Ensure compliance through second-level approvals and standardized smart forms

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