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Financial Aid Student Verification

Simplify financial aid verification processing, communicate with your students faster, and manage workflows through automation, with Campus Management’s Student Verification.

Automate and Simplify the Verification Processes

The financial aid verification process is often difficult and can be an emotional experience for students. Explore the Student Verification solution to ease the burden for your students and staff. The solution automates the standard verification, comment code, and professional judgment processes.

Student Verification was Created with Your Students and Staff in Mind

Benefits for Staff

  • ED Compliant Rule Engine
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • ISIR Comparison Tool

Benefits for Students

  • Secure Student Portal
  • Real-time Status Bar
  • Email and Text Communication

Why Financial Aid Verification Automation?

Documents Made Easy

  • Create student web forms and manage institutional PDF documents
  • Automate document storage for web forms and PDFs
  • Trigger required documents based on federal and institutional rules

Standardize and Streamline

  • Simplify Student Experience
  • Leverage out-of-the-box standard verification documents and rules
  • Ensure compliance with annual regulatory updates

Stay on Track

  • Increase processing time with automated workflows
  • Enable real-time notification and status bar tracking for students
  • Track staff worklists and student progress through dashboards

Automate Comment Code and Professional Judgment Processing

  • Enable C-flags and comment codes as part of the rules engine
  • Integrate professional judgment processing for student and staff
  • Ensure secondary approval review process to keep you compliant

“I watched a student start their Verification from their phone during an IT Orientation session, which was outstanding.”

John Jurgens,
Sr. Programmer/Analyst,
College of Westchester

Student Verification in Action

The College of Westchester Automates and Accelerates Verification

  • Students can easily complete the verification process independently and online
  • Staff can focus more on assisting students with difficult issues
  • With one-stop verification, documents are easy to track, approve, and flag for issues


Student Verification Webinar Series

Learn how you can automate financial aid verification processing and workflows for students, parents and staff in this series of on-demand webinars.

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