Text Messaging

Why spend time logging student interactions when you can focus on having student interactions? Radius by Campus Management integrates with Mongoose to offer two-way, integrated texting. You can easily get all your contact data loaded into Mongoose and begin reaching your students through their favorite channel – texting.

Mongoose enables two-way texting that integrates with Radius by Campus Management

Our integration:

  • Uses existing web services provided in Radius
  • Is set up and monitored within Mongoose
  • Requires no custom development by the institution

The integration is simple and powerful:

  • You configure the contact records and fields to import
  • Mongoose adds new or modified records every night
  • Cases and case messages update on the fly
  • SMS conversations flow back into Radius

Student Data Import

Flowchart depicting Radius by Campus Management Contacts Flowing into Mongoose though automated updates.

Outbound Messages

Flowchart depicting SMS messages and conversations flowing between Mongoose and student phones.

Within Mongoose

In the Mongoose Web Application, you configure which contact records you’d like to bring into Mongoose from Radius. You also specify which fields you want to import for each contact.

A full import of this data is run to initialize your student data in Mongoose. If different departments are working on Mongoose – for example, International Recruitment and Graduate Admissions – you can configure separate processes to load different students, with different attributes, into each department.

A nightly process brings any new and/or modified contacts over, ensuring that Mongoose also has the most up-to-date data.

Monitoring, alerts, and configurations are built into Mongoose Web Application and provide visibility into what’s happening.

Within Radius by Campus Management

As text messages are sent and received from the Mongoose platform, you’ll see that these interactions are documented in Radius as cases and case messages. All details of your SMS communications with students are maintained, along with the rest of the communication history that you already have within Radius. You can easily see the entire interaction history you have with each student.

If a student opts out of receiving text messages within Mongoose, Radius by Campus Management will be updated in real-time to reflect that choice. Students won’t receive any further text messages.

If a message can’t be delivered because a mobile phone number is invalid, Radius will be updated in real-time. This helps maintain the cleanliness of your data.

The Big Picture (or, why this all matters!)

With no additional effort, you can easily have all your contact data loaded from Radius into Mongoose and begin text communications with your students. As your staff work in Mongoose, they will have all the context they need to address student questions and encourage their interest.

In practical terms, this means that your undergraduate admissions team will be able to see prospective freshmen GPAs, their current lifecycle stage, and their hometown while sending them messages. For the graduate school, admissions staff can see students’ current employers and the college they most recently attended.

Your SMS conversations will come back to Radius by Campus Management and integrate with the rest of the communication history for each student. And, with bidirectional synchronization of opt-out preferences, you can be assured that you are only sending messages to students who want to receive text communications.

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