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Texas A&M — Kingsville

Using CampusNexus to Maximize Enrollment Management

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As an enrollment manager, you have to have flexibility. You have to make adjustments over time. You cannot be locked into something that works one way and one way only.

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The Effect of CRM on Recruitment

Manuel Lujan has more than 38 years of executive leadership in higher education, including his most recent tenure as associate vice president of enrollment at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Having a passion for CRM as a tool for student engagement, Mr. Lujan was among the first in the country to leverage the technology to help drive growth and improve the quality of communications and services at traditional institutions.

My most recent institution, it had been an open enrollment school since 1925. It had a 3,000-student enrollment decline over a ten-year period.

Then once we implemented CampusNexus®, you can basically see a 45-degree angle change in the number of applications that we have consistently been able to bring in.

Manuel R. Lujan
Effect of CRM on Recruitment Chart

Retention Strategies

There are a lot of strategies that you can do, but to coordinate all of this, you have to be able to collect this information and you have to have a system that allows you to execute all of the strategies, the tactics that you have developed and do it very easily. CampusNexus gave us the ability to do that. Manuel R. Lujan

Distance Learning

Not everyone has the ability to give up four years to go to a specific place. We are going to have to bring education and make it available to them based on where they are. Right now, CampusNexus is the only one that I can see that is that flexible and that broad and gives you the capability to do that, not just from beginning, but to when a student is finishing up.

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You can execute campaigns that are being triggered off of things you have built into the system such as when a student is coming, the entry term, such as student type, such as the stage in a funnel that they are in

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You can develop a filter without impacting anything. It is so easy to use. So intuitive. I have seen other products and they are pretty cumbersome. You have to do it their way.

Manuel R. Lujan