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Transforming Vocational Education and Training

Ensure employment success for students with the CampusNexus ITI E-Governance System.

Unify Your Vocational and Training Institute with CampusNexus

With the CampusNexus ITI E-Governance System from Campus Management, you gain a single, unifying platform that integrates affiliations, admissions, academics, administration, placements, and alumni services alongside human resources and financial management to drive student and operational success.

The ITI E-Governance System can be used by all stakeholders, from candidates to government departments, directorate of vocational education and technical administration.

Unify Your Vocational and Training Institute with CampusNexus

Campus Management delivers a web-based e-governance system that integrates all your people, processes and workflows on one platform.

CampusNexus E-Governance System
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  • 1 Affiliations

    • Inspection Scheduling and Management
    • Field Inspection Reports
    • Issues of Affiliation Letter
  • 2 Admissions

    • Institutes and Trade Availability for the Year
    • Admission Schedule Planning
    • Seat Distribution/Candidate Registration
  • 3 Academic Administration

    • Academic Calendar, Institutes and Trade Masters
    • Setting Rules of Employability Training and Counselling Sessions
    • Viewing Skills Gap Analysis and Performance Reports
  • 4 Institute Administration

    • Student Services
    • Indiscipline, Suspension, Withdrawal of Admission
    • Placement, Apprenticeships, Managing Alumni
  • 5 Directorate Offices Admin

    • Decision Analysis
    • Citizen Charter Information
    • Vendor Management
  • 6 Academics

    • Institute Timings
    • Classroom and Workshop Availability
    • Managing Instructors
  • 7 Finance and Accounts

    • Budget Management and Salary Processing
    • Administrative Expense and Grant Management
    • Managing Scheme-Wise Fund, Revenue Generation and Expenses
  • 8 Human Resource Management

    • Staff Lifecycle from Hire to Retire
    • Attendance
    • KPA/KPI Performance
  • 9 Reporting

    • Operational Reports
    • Management Insights
  • 10 Web Presence Management

    • Directorate Website
    • Email and Online Business Chat
    • Manage Regional and District Office Subsites
  • 11 Student Wallet

    • Funding Entities and Fund Types
    • Online Fund Claims and Disbursements to Candidates

Campus Management Delivers E-Governance System

Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET), Maharashtra

Campus Management successfully implemented the CampusNexus ITI E-Governance System as a partner with the Maharashtra government’s Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET). The web-based governance system integrates all 35 districts and sub-districts supervised by 6 divisional offices under a single unified technology platform system.

The technology enables seamless functioning of the DVET’s entire academic process, from admissions to connecting the candidate with job opportunities after program completion. All 900+ institutes under DVET in Maharashtra are served by Campus Management’s solution.

Partner with Campus Management

With Campus Management’s CampusNexus ITI E-Governance System, your Vocational & Training Institute gains a highly flexible technology backbone that grows and adapts with you. What’s more, you gain a true partner and global support team committed to your mission of empowering students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a dynamic, competitive economy.

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