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Ensure employment success for students with the CampusNexus ITI E-Governance System.

Unify Your Vocational and Training Institute with CampusNexus

With the CampusNexus ITI E-Governance System from Campus Management, you gain a single, unifying platform that integrates affiliations, admissions, academics, administration, placements, and alumni services alongside human resources and financial management to drive student and operational success.

The ITI E-Governance System can be used by all stakeholders, from candidates to government departments, directorate of vocational education and technical administration.

CampusNexus E-Governance System

Campus Management delivers a web-based e-governance system that integrates all your people, processes and workflows on one platform.

CampusNexus E-Governance System
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1 Affiliations

  • Inspection Scheduling and Management
  • Field Inspection Reports
  • Issues of Affiliation Letter

2 Admissions

  • Institutes and Trade Availability for the Year
  • Admission Schedule Planning
  • Seat Distribution/Candidate Registration

3 Academic Administration

  • Academic Calendar, Institutes and Trade Masters
  • Setting Rules of Employability Training and Counselling Sessions
  • Viewing Skills Gap Analysis and Performance Reports

4 Institute Administration

  • Student Services
  • Indiscipline, Suspension, Withdrawal of Admission
  • Placement, Apprenticeships, Managing Alumni

5 Directorate Offices Admin

  • Decision Analysis
  • Citizen Charter Information
  • Vendor Management

6 Academics

  • Institute Timings
  • Classroom and Workshop Availability
  • Managing Instructors

7 Finance and Accounts

  • Budget Management and Salary Processing
  • Administrative Expense and Grant Management
  • Managing Scheme-Wise Fund, Revenue Generation and Expenses

8 Human Resource Management

  • Staff Lifecycle from Hire to Retire
  • Attendance
  • KPA/KPI Performance

9 Reporting

  • Operational Reports
  • Management Insights

10 Web Presence Management

  • Directorate Website
  • Email and Online Business Chat
  • Manage Regional and District Office Subsites

11 Student Wallet

  • Funding Entities and Fund Types
  • Online Fund Claims and Disbursements to Candidates

Campus Management Delivers E-Governance System

Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET), Maharashtra

Campus Management successfully implemented the CampusNexus ITI E-Governance System as a partner with the Maharashtra government’s Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET). The web-based governance system integrates all 35 districts and sub-districts supervised by 6 divisional offices under a single unified technology platform system.

The technology enables seamless functioning of the DVET’s entire academic process, from admissions to connecting the candidate with job opportunities after program completion. All 900+ institutes under DVET in Maharashtra are served by Campus Management’s solution.

Partner with Campus Management

With Campus Management’s CampusNexus ITI E-Governance System, your Vocational & Training Institute gains a highly flexible technology backbone that grows and adapts with you. What’s more, you gain a true partner and global support team committed to your mission of empowering students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a dynamic, competitive economy.

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