Frequently Asked Questions about Converting to CampusNexus

When will Campus Management discontinue support for CampusVue?

CampusVue® Student has evolved into CampusNexus® Student, which means the new solution has all the maturity in functionality you have come to rely on, but with greater usability, flexibility, extensibility, and cloud-readiness. In order to take advantage of the new capabilities, institutions must be licensed to access them. We have not determined when in the future the Visual Basic client will become obsolete; however, Campus Management has decided that there will be no future development under the old architecture.

If you are only developing CampusNexus moving forward, what does that mean for CampusVue and Talisma® CRM releases?

The CampusNexus applications are built on the solid foundation of CampusVue Student and Talisma CRM. With each CampusNexus release, we are bringing in modern architectural patterns and a new user experience. This means the features in CampusNexus increase with each new release, and the compatibility between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ feature sets begin to decrease. The key benefit in this approach is that current customers do not need to worry about going through a new implementation or data migration, but instead receive tangible software in each release that they can use today.

Why does our application icon say “CampusNexus” when we haven’t made the upgrade yet?

As part of our evolutionary strategy, the product has evolved from its CampusVue and Talisma roots into the CampusNexus framework, which is why you now see the product branding as CampusNexus in the iconography, help system, and other documentation. Because there is no divergence from the underlying data model, the new and old products ship together. So while the icon may say CampusNexus, without proper licensing, your institution does not have access to the new feature set. It is only through the CampusNexus license that customers can take advantage of the new technologies and capabilities.

If this is an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary upgrade, why does our institution need your Professional Services team to help us implement it?

Though CampusNexus was built upon the CampusVue and Talisma applications, the product contains a brand new reference architecture with many new technologies and feature sets. The improvements we have made within CampusNexus require some new knowledge and skills, which may present a learning curve to IT departments and ‘power users’. For this reason, Campus Management highly recommends engaging with our Professional Services Team to help your organization quickly implement and take advantage of the new capabilities. There is a faster time to value for implementing CampusNexus capabilities when leveraging the partnership between customers and Campus Management.

Will our institution get the new user interface/UI refresh at some point if I stay on CampusVue?

No, the new user experience is only available through the CampusNexus license. The user interfaces between CampusNexus Student and CampusNexus CRM are converging, as is the UI with CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll, which means your users across the institution will have a uniform look and feel, no matter which department they work in. This is yet one more reason to make the move to CampusNexus!

Lancaster Bible College

We are confident that CampusNexus will enable Lancaster Bible College to continue to grow and serve our students in a sustainable model.

Vince Johnson
VP of Technology
Lancaster Bible College
Mercy College

CampusNexus CRM allows us to capitalize on our own internal data to better understand constituent needs and build programs that help students achieve their educational and post-graduation goals.

Todd Pratella
Director of IT
Mercy College
Bridgepoint Education

I'm also excited about CampusNexus and what it brings in terms of a next generation technology solution.

Tom Ashbrook
Executive VP and CIO
Bridgepoint Education