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Top 5 Reasons to Convert to CampusNexus

Dynamic User Experience

Your constituents will enjoy a whole new user experience and responsive design with CampusNexus. Along with mobile access across a broad set of browsers and mobile devices, the dynamic, easy-to-use interface helps employees stay connected across campus or traveling throughout the country. This enables your administrators, faculty, and staff to be responsive to inquiries and tasks, and provide exceptional service from anywhere at any time.

Workflow Engine

The workflow designer, a substantial component of the CampusNexus architecture, lets you construct decision-based automation throughout the application to optimize execution of business processes across campus.

  • Automate admissions and enrollment processing, including financial aid verification
  • Configure your own rules for academic processes such as waitlists, course prerequisites, and retakes
  • Initiate student notifications for changes in enrollment, registration, billing, and grades

When combined with the solution’s forms builder, you gain even greater capabilities:

  • Create simple or sophisticated self-service forms
  • Put students in the driver’s seat from inquiry to enrollment, financial aid, and course registration

Data Warehouse and Views

These new tools provide integration to Microsoft® Power BI to enable cost-effective, powerful, visual analytical trending as well enhanced ad-hoc reporting.

More than 100 APIs

With CampusNexus, you gain access to a rich web services catalog of more than 100 APIs. These protocols extend your platform quickly and cost-effectively with your preferred learning management systems, digital bookstores, merchant services, and much more.

  • Integrate your choice of third-party applications
  • Expand and improve web-based experiences
  • Leverage CampusNexus business logic for custom applications
  • Allow data to be easily shared with other systems while maintaining its integrity in the system of record

Reference Architecture

A significant improvement in CampusNexus lies in the architecture of the solution, which separates the data, application, business logic, services, and user-interface layers.

This decoupling improves performance and scalability, makes it easier to add and test functionality, and reduces security risks across the application.

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The CampusNexus Student Difference

The CampusNexus Student Difference

Built on the success and innovation of CampusVue® Student for serving traditional and nontraditional students with flexible terms and financial aid packaging, CampusNexus® Student is the student information system of choice for two- and four-year institutions.

The CampusNexus difference:

  • Data warehouse and views for enhanced ad-hoc reporting
  • Integration with Microsoft® Power BI for analysis and trending in admissions and academics
  • Gainful employment reporting to stay compliant
  • Web interface for task management and increased understanding and analysis of interactions
  • User-experience enhancements to improve usability and reduce learning curve
  • CampusNexus CRM included in to the solution to expand engagement across the student lifecycle
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The CampusNexus CRM Difference

The CampusNexus CRM Difference

By moving from Talisma® CRM to CampusNexus® CRM, you gain even greater visibility and tools to improve engagement with constituents across departments and functions, from strategic enrollment management and retention efforts to career services and alumni relations.

The CampusNexus difference:

  • Thin client and responsive design enable recruiters, administrators, and faculty to easily engage with students anywhere, anytime using their preferred devices
  • New user experience with easy-to-use workspaces to provide the right information tailored to each user
  • Social media profiles to scan contacts against more than 100 social networks and expand understanding of prospect and student sentiments, influences, and needs
  • Campaign feature expansion with enhanced tools to create more engaging constituent interactions, increase reach, and optimize content while improving quality
  • Retention configuration option that embodies proven best practices, communications, campaigns, and workflows for keeping students on the path to success
  • Calendar integration to optimize task and appointment management across a diverse set of systems and devices
  • New installation manager that conducts prerequisite checks and provides remote, intelligent software downloads
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Lancaster Bible College

We are confident that CampusNexus will enable Lancaster Bible College to continue to grow and serve our students in a sustainable model.

Vince Johnson
VP of Technology
Lancaster Bible College
Mercy College

CampusNexus CRM allows us to capitalize on our own internal data to better understand constituent needs and build programs that help students achieve their educational and post-graduation goals.

Todd Pratella
Director of IT
Mercy College
Bridgepoint Education

I'm also excited about CampusNexus and what it brings in terms of a next generation technology solution.

Tom Ashbrook
Executive VP and CIO
Bridgepoint Education