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Cloud-Based Platform for Higher Education Success

With CampusNexus, institutions can respond dynamically to change on a flexible and extensible platform, grow enrollments and add campuses, gain greater insight from data across the institution, and optimize technology around student and operational success.

Respond Dynamically to Student and Business Needs

Flexible Cloud-Based Platform

As a higher education institution, you need an open technology foundation that helps you deliver on your mission. You don’t get that from a closed-box proprietary system. You get that from CampusNexus®.

Your institution benefits from a standards-based cloud architecture built on the Microsoft Power Platform, a rich ecosystem of integrated enterprise applications and flexible foundation for responding dynamically to student and operational needs.

Deploy on a Standards-Based Cloud Platform Designed for Higher Education Success

Built on Microsoft Azure

With a higher education platform built on Microsoft Azure, you have the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, secure, and global network using your preferred tools and frameworks.

You leverage Campus Management’s CampusNexus Solutions Suite for Higher Education, plus Microsoft’s enterprise ready tools, including Power BI, PowerApps, Flow, and Dynamics 365, to improve student engagement, business processes, and workflows.

Common Data Service (CDS)
Microsoft Power Platform

Unite Higher Education Systems and Applications with Common Data Service (CDS)

In the past, sharing data between software systems was difficult without extensive customizations. Each application became its own silo of data.

With Microsoft’s Common Data Service, you can share information between all your apps and sync across all areas of your operation. You improve visibility, collaboration, and insight across departments, systems, and data sources.

We’re a university not a data center. Leveraging the Azure Cloud platform makes us a better, more efficient IT shop.

Craig Handjian,
Interim CIO
Marymount California University

Microsoft Higher Ed Accelerator

Easily Deploy Your Student Information System, CRM, and ERP Using Prebuilt Higher Education Entities and Forms

Built in collaboration with Microsoft on Dynamics 365, the Higher Ed Accelerator provides an entity model that enables your institution to easily develop solutions that align with your business and academic framework.

Prebuilt Entities and Forms 

– With over 20 extracted higher education entities, the Higher Ed Accelerator provides a standard model to simplify integration.

Available on GitHub 

– The solution, data sample, Power BI examples, SDK extensions, and more are provided as part of this open source and standards-based development platform.

Turn Insight into Action Across Your Institution to Drive Student Success

What are the key factors influencing a student’s decision to attend your institution? What’s the best way to keep students on the path to graduation and successful outcomes? Now you can gain timely insights for developing and executing strategies based on all your data through predictive and prescriptive analytics, and embedded Power BI dashboards with dynamic visuals. Deliver insights throughout the institution using CampusNexus and external data sources.

Quick Insights

 – Generate visualizations based on data trends using Quick Insights.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

 – Go from insight to action with Power BI dashboards embedded in CampusNexus.


 – Ask vocal natural language questions in Cortana and find answers from data stored in Power BI.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

 – Generate key driver analysis and machine learning models based on data collected in Power BI from across departments and applications.

Manage Higher Education Business Processes, Approvals, and More with Automated Workflows

Microsoft Flow

Now you can create and automate business processes, approvals, and workflows visually. For example, if someone tweets about your institution, you can set up a flow that follows them, adds them to a spreadsheet that gets emailed to you for approval, and then enters them as a contact in CampusNexus Engage.

A feature of the CampusNexus Event-Driven Architecture, Microsoft Flow enables you to compose business logic visually using activities and apply human workflow capability to business processes.

Easily Build Higher Ed Apps and Extend or Customize the Apps You Already Use


Now you can easily create web and mobile applications without writing code, connect campus systems, view or create data across systems and integrate them with your CampusNexus solutions.

No need to write code

 – Provide a citizen-developer experience to authoring web and mobile applications.

Integrate new apps with your CampusNexus Solutions

 – Easily integrate new apps with CampusNexus Engage, Student, Finance, HR & Payroll, and Microsoft Flow and Azure functions.

Integrate Microsoft’s Prebuilt Business Tools into Your Higher Education Workflows

Ready-to-Go Templates

PowerApps and Flow offer over 250 prebuilt Templates and Connectors for external systems, all curated by Microsoft on AppSource.

You can further optimize and automate your workflows with Microsoft’s expansive and constantly-growing ecosystem of proven and popular business tools.

CampusNexus Cloud for Higher Education

CampusNexus Cloud built on Microsoft Azure offers a cost-effective, highly secure, and truly global platform that adapts and grows with your institution.

Turn to a Solutions Provider Focused Exclusively on Higher Ed Challenges

We have a saying at Campus Management: “Every line of code we write should solve a Higher Ed challenge.” With CampusNexus Cloud, you leverage Microsoft Azure as a scalable and secure technology foundation for your institution. This allows us to focus on developing higher-ed specific features and innovations that align with your goals and rapidly delivering them as a comprehensive, fully integrated SaaS solution.

Ensure Uptime, Security and Reliability with CampusNexus Cloud built on Microsoft Azure

With CampusNexus Cloud, you leverage Azure’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) as a scalable and secure technology foundation for your institution.

Empower Students, Faculty, and Staff Where They Are

With your institution’s platform in the CampusNexus Cloud, you can easily add new campuses and programs, and empower students, recruiters, faculty, and staff around the world online and through their mobile devices.

Scale Up or Down Based on Your Institution’s Needs

The CampusNexus architecture allows you to scale up during peak times and scale down when necessary based on your institution’s unique business and academic cycles.

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