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Optimize Your Investment in Higher Ed Technology with Managed Services

Maximize Platform Support and Application Performance

Imagine having an experienced team of product and higher ed experts on-call, a team that not only knows everything about Campus Management technology but also how to align the technology with your unique business needs, culture, and goals. What if you could add this expertise without adding staff? That’s what Managed Services is all about. As a trusted partner, our Managed Services team combines higher education expertise with a solid understanding of your institution’s mission and day-to-day needs.

Instead of hiring, training, and managing more staff, let Managed Services become your virtual team for unleashing the full potential of your investment and maximizing operational efficiency across the institution.

Partner with a Team that Knows Your Institution and Goals

As a partner to your IT team, Managed Services maximizes application utilization to help your institution optimize solutions, ensure uptime and performance, and adapt easily to new strategies. Managed Services is a team of dedicated professionals with a wide range of expertise and deep understanding of your institution’s business objectives, workflows, and goals. The team’s sole purpose is to help your staff attain peak efficiencies and to keep Campus Management solutions aligned with your strategic initiatives.

“I can’t stress enough how critical Managed Services is to our college.”

Matthew Weitzel,
IT Project Manager,
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

Gain a Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Your TAM provides ongoing technical guidance based on a thorough understanding of your institution’s platform, the latest industry best practices, and Campus Management’s product roadmap. They work hand-in-hand with your team, as well as Campus Management developers, support staff, and professional services teams to mitigate risk and strategically plan deployments, integrations, and future growth.

Benefit from Expertise On-Demand

Turn to your TAM for rapid and dedicated availability, support, and collaboration on a wide variety of business and technical goals/issues.

Prevent Issues Before They Arise

Anticipate and plan for change through proactive strategic technical planning and operational reviews.

Meet Your Long-Term Goals

Gain increased visibility into current and future Campus Management products to plan for and meet your long-term technology goals.

TAM professionals are distinctly qualified with an exceptional balance of technical and business expertise. They bridge the gap between business strategy/technology and are able to collaborate with business leaders and technical staff.

Add an Application Administrator to Your Team

Are you maximizing all the features and latest tools in your Campus Management solutions? Do staff members need more training or guidance on configuring, optimizing, and aligning the solutions with their roles and business goals? Need more internal product support and expertise? From implementation to new product updates and releases, your dedicated Application Administrator helps you align and optimize solutions based on your unique business processes and workflows as business and operational needs evolve.

Maximize Solution Utilization

Improve adoption and utilization of features and functions across business units with easy access to expert guidance, support and training on the solutions you use.

Increase Processing Efficiency

Reduce manual processing as your team gains proficiency in the latest product features and tools.

Improve Data Quality/Integrity

Ensure greater visibility into operations and effective decision-making based on accurate data across solutions and systems.



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