Four Year Public Colleges and Universities

Achieve Recruitment and Retention Goals with CampusNexus®

Public institutions of higher learning continue to stretch resources while competing for students from a shrinking pool of applicants. They are continually pressed to do more with less.

The CampusNexus suite offers a proven student information system for traditional and flexible academic terms as well as competency-based education, and includes powerful CRM for higher education tools for driving engagement and success at every stage in the student lifecycle, from recruitment and retention to alumni relations.

  • Enhance student services and engagement across all sites and programs Optimize recruiting, marketing, enrollment, and retention practices with proven recruitment and student retention software
  • Centralize administration of multiple campuses on one system
  • Grow your on-campus, online and blended programs

Products and Solutions

Campus Management’s software and services are in step with higher education’s demands for better service and accountability.