Four Year Public Colleges and Universities

Achieve Recruitment and Retention Goals with CampusNexus®

Public institutions of higher learning continue to stretch resources while competing for students from a shrinking pool of applicants. They are continually pressed to do more with less.

The CampusNexus suite offers a proven student information system for traditional and flexible academic terms as well as competency-based education, and includes powerful CRM for higher education tools for driving engagement and success at every stage in the student lifecycle, from recruitment and retention to alumni relations.

  • Enhance student services and engagement across all sites and programs Optimize recruiting, marketing, enrollment, and retention practices with proven recruitment and student retention software
  • Centralize administration of multiple campuses on one system
  • Grow your on-campus, online and blended programs
Integrate Workflows Among Departments

CampusNexus Student integrates workflows among departments to drive collaboration, productivity and efficiencies, enables self-service through constituent Web portals, offers greater visibility across campus for reporting and compliance, and provides a universal platform for traditional, online, and blended instruction.

What Your Peers are Saying About CampusNexus

From recruitment and retention to alumni relations and advancement, with CampusNexus Student, we will now have the foundation we need for improving engagement across the student lifecycle

Dr. Robin Meyers
Arkansas State University-Mountain Home

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