Integrating People, Processes, and DoD Systems into a Secure, Flexible, and Collaborative Platform

The U.S. military demands a highly trained and educated global workforce. To deliver academic and administrative services worldwide, it needs the most dynamic and innovative systems on the market.

That’s why higher education organizations such as Defense Acquisition University choose Campus Management technology and services. We provide a leading commercial-off-the-shelf student information system, CampusNexus Student, that integrates your people, processes, and DoD systems into a secure, flexible, and collaborative platform.

The solution also includes powerful CRM for higher education tools that enable you to proactively monitor student progress and keep them on the path to success.

Integration with DoD Systems

Campus Management’s Web Services offers a family of application programming interfaces (APIs) that extends the capabilities of our student information system to interface with external systems and third-party software quickly and cost effectively, including the leading learning management systems for online education. This is possible because of Campus Management’s adoption of a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Comply With DoD Security Requirements

Campus Management’s products securely interface with current DoD systems and comply with the department’s security requirements. They are Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) compliant. What’s more, users can authenticate via a Common Access Card (CAC) as well as through native security.

508 Accessibility Compliance

Our greatest advantage in terms of accessibility is that our solutions are highly configurable and available through a flexible Web-based interface. Campus Management’s solutions are developed in strict compliance with federal and state guidelines.

The Web-based client that provides emergency CRM functionality is built for access and compliance with ADA Level A. What’s more, the portal framework has been built to work with other ADA compliance requirements such as ADA Section 508 (specific components).

CampusNexus Cloud

A secure, world-class enterprise data center as your platform.

Now you can access the entire CampusNexus® portfolio of on-demand technology – in the cloud. With CampusNexus Cloud, Campus Management hosts and manages your solutions from a world-class, enterprise data center, ensuring maximum availability, security, and scalability.


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